Episode 409

Basic Training the Workout 400 Series

24 mins 1991
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5 | 2 ratings
Seasons: 4

Ada and her team at the historic Pearl Harbor with a navy ship and harbor in the background.


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Workout Details
Synopsis Warm up - 5:00
During this warm up Ada and her crew pay extra attention to form and execution of movements getting you ready for the cardio and strength segments.

Cardio - 5:50
Join Ada and her crew for this action packed low impact cardio section that will get your heart and lungs going.

Strength - 8:00
In this segment we work on reshaping and strengthening the shoulder muscle with shoulder flys and upright rows using optimal light hand weights (you can do the workout using only your body weight) and then the triceps (back of the arms) are targeted. Ada then works your hips butt and thighs and finishes as always with a tummy shaping abs routine that combine chest toning exercises as well.

Cool down- 5:00
The cool down segment will help you work on the flexibility of your lower extremities and add length and range of motion to your stretching ability.
Athletes Ada
Studio Gilad Productions Ltd.
Rating not rated
Runtime 24 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 720x540