Episode 419

Basic Training the Workout 400 Series

24 mins 1991
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5 | 2 ratings
Seasons: 4

Ada introduces today's workout from the cockpit of a national guard Cobra helicopter at Wheeler air force base in Hawaii.


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Workout Details
Synopsis Ada introduces today's workout from the cockpit of a National Guard Cobra helicopter at Wheeler Air Force Base in Hawaii.

Warm up - 5:00
Ada and the basic training team warm your body up for the great cardio and toning workout that follow.

Cardio - 5:50
This segment will help you raise your heart rate to a fat burning zone through dynamic low impact aerobics moves. You will improve your endurance level and burn off excess fat.

Strength - 8:00
Ada starts with upright rows to help tone the shoulder, light dumbbells (hand weights) are used for extra resistance. Sue, demonstrates the moves using her body weight only as an option. The team then works the bicep muscles of the arms and the chest muscles. Hips thighs and buns are next and as always the segment ends with a challenging abs routine.

Cool down - 5:00
Ada puts you in a straddle position and introduces exercises to help you improve your stretching ability's and lengthening the back.
Athletes Ada
Studio Gilad Productions Ltd.
Rating not rated
Runtime 24 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 720x540