700 Series

Bodies in Motion

7 hrs  20 mins 1991
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The 700 series consists of 21 shows shot on board a cruise ship and on the islands of Oahu and Maui. You get 21 different workouts in this series.

What's the difference?

Gift Season  $49.95 USD

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Season Details
Synopsis The 700 series debuted in 1991. The locations included the deck of the SS Constitution sailing between the islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai. We also went to Yokohama Beach on the west coast of Oahu and Makena Beach on the south shore of Maui. You can see Molokini atoll in the distance.

This season's workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Tracey, Gail, Bill, Jill, John, Kathy, Carrie, Priscilla and Orly who was visiting from Israel. We also had a cameo appearance by Marie DeParis who did PR work for us.

We featured a few animals on the show this year. We had an exercising dog at the beginning of show #717. We had a blue and gold macaw that Gilad referred to as Mister Parrot and we had a cockatoo named Sydney that actually mimicked the exercises along with the team. Sydney was in 3 of the Maui shows.

You will see Gilad as a waiter, a caveman, a gunfighter, a track star, a German scientist, a wacko doctor, a ships captain, a garlic salesman (again), a prisoner, a police detective, an anchorman, a secret agent and Alladin's genie.

The bottom line is...when you download the 700 series you get 21 entertaining shows and 21 great workouts!
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Rating not rated
Runtime 7 hrs  20 mins
Language English | Stereo