Bodies in Motion - 1300 Series - Complete Season (2013)

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These are Gilad's 10 - 30th anniversary reunion shows.

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Season 13 (10 Episodes)


Episode 1301

This is the first of Gilad's 30th anniversary shows featuring Kent, Trella, Falicia and Wendee.

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Episode 1302

Gilad's 2nd 30th anniversary reunion show featuring Emily who was on the show when she was 10 in 1983.

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Episode 1303

Gilad's 3rd 30th anniversary show from Sharks's Cove on the North Shore of Oahu.

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Episode 1304

Gilad's 4th 30th anniversary show featuring flashbacks of Emily when she was 10 yr old.

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Episode 1305

Gilad and the team take you through whole body circuit training.

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Episode 1306

Gilad and the team target your core, shoulders and arms with a heavy ball.

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Episode 1307

Gilad dishes out a double dose of abs on this 30th anniversary show.

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Episode 1308

Gilad works your outer thighs and abs in this 30th anniversary show.

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Episode 1309

Gilad works your abs with the help of a heavy ball or small dumbell.

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Episode 1310

Gilad takes you through a cardio segment an then a total body toning workout.

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Season Details

Synopsis The 1300 series of shows are Gilad's 10 - 30th anniversary shows. They feature a mixture of new and long-time team members that join Gilad for comprehensive workouts. There are occasional flash-backs to show what the reunion members used to look like in the 1980's.
Director Rob Hearn
Writer Gilad Janklowicz
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd
Rating not rated
Running Time 3 hours  35 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers