Quick Fit System - Complete 7 Workout System (2001)

NR 2 hours  52 minutes
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Gilad will show you how to use these 7 workouts to turn your body into a 24-Hour-A-Day Fat-Burning machine.

Gilad, Trella, Maelita

Included Workouts



In 15 minutes Gilad targets your upper abs, lower abs and obliques (love handles)...

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Cardio Blast

Classic cardio moves and kick-boxing. Safe and easy-to-follow. Designed to maximize fat-burning.

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Cardio Classic

32 minutes of classic cardio moves. Easy-to-follow and fun.

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Cardio Strike

Gilad shows you how to kick, punch, jab and strike away excess fat.

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Chest & Back

Progressive standing and floor exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen your chest and back. Light dumbbells recommended.

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Hips, Thighs & Buns

Gilad will re-shape your buttocks, hips and thighs. A set of light dumbbells is recommended.

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Shoulders & Arms

Gilad will lead you from easy to more challenging moves to sculpt your shoulders and arms. 2 sets dumbbells recommended.

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Synopsis Gilad will show you how you can turn your body into a 24-Hour-A-Day Fat-Burning machine. With Gilad's Quick Fit System you will discover how to get your body into great shape quickly and learn Gilad's approach to helping you stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. Just follow the directions for the 12 week program and you won't believe your eyes. 7 complete workouts. Some small hand weights recommended for extra resistance.
Athletes Gilad, Trella, Maelita, Zac, Brenda, Steve, Tracy, Tina, Kim, Steve, Robin, Wendee, Florence, Russ
Director Rob Hearn
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Rating not rated
Running Time 2 hours  52 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
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