Bodies in Motion - 1000 Series - Complete Season (1994)

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The 1000 series debuted in 1994 and consists of 20 episodes. That is 20 different workouts. You will never get bored.

Season 10 (19 Episodes)


Episode 1001

Gilad and the gang on the Waianae Coast. Features chest, thighs and abs...

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Episode 1002

Gilad and the gang at Ulehawa Beach Park. The area of the day is the chest.

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Episode 1003

Gilad, Trella, Wendee, Kent and Bill in a particularly high energy workout.

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Episode 1004

Gilad and the gang on the Waianae Coast. Areas of the day are triceps and biceps...

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Episode 1005

Gilad is visited by a pig. Floor work hits abs, butt and quads.

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Episode 1006

This show features an intense high impact aerobics segment at Ulehawa Beach Park.

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Episode 1007

Gilad and a very large group work out on the beach in Waikiki.

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Episode 1008

Gilad and a big group in Waikiki. Area of day? Chest and shoulders.

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Episode 1009

Trella joins Gilad and the gang on Waikiki Beach. Back and biceps featured.

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Episode 1011

Gilad leads a large group on Waikiki Beach. Areas of day/chest and shoulders.

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Episode 1012

It's a red, white and blue workout with Gilad on Waikiki Beach.

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Episode 1013

Gilad and the big group on Waikiki Beach. Areas of the day, chest and triceps.

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Episode 1014

Gilad's 8th workout of the day in Waikiki targets chest and shoulders.

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Episode 1015

Gilad and the gang at Yokohama Beach near Makaha. Shoulders and arms.

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Episode 1016

Beautiful workout on secluded Yokohama Beach. Back and triceps featured.

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Episode 1017

A beautiful workout on deserted Yokohama Beach near Makaha.

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Episode 1018

Gilad conducts this high energy workout on deserted Yokohama Beach.

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Episode 1019

The sun breaks through on Gilad's workout at Yokohama Beach. Back and shoulders.

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Episode 1020

Gilad and his killer bees work you out from deserted Yokohama Beach.

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Season Details

Synopsis Many of the shows in the 1000 series are currently airing on FitTV and in Israel. Now you can download them and take them with you wherever you have iTunes. There are even a number of different devices that can convert the signal to play on your TV. Remember, this is the only place you can download these shows.

The 1000 series debuted in 1994 and consists of 20 episodes. That is 20 different workouts. You will never get bored.

We shot in 3 different locations during this season. First we went to Ulehawa Beach Park on the Waianae coast. The body of water in the background is Maile Cove. Then we traveled into the hustle and the bustle of Waikiki Beach where we were joined by lots of eager tourist types from several different countries. The third location was completely different. We went to Yokohama Beach which is just before Kaena Point and the beach is completely deserted. Just vast expanses of wide open sugar fine sand and picture-perfect surf.

There were lots of different interesting people involved this season. Of course there were our regulars, Gilad, Gilad's mother Ora, Trella, Kent, Felicia, Wendee and Bill. There are two other regulars that only appeared that year, Sharla and Doreen. Lian appeared in the 1100 series as well. Then there was Jim Karanas, Gilad's friend from the San Francisco area. He could eat more than any 2 other people we have ever known. He made a serious attempt to beat the Guiness world record for longest time a person has ever rowed on an indoor rowing machine. I can't remember the amount of time...but it was measured in days and hours. Another big fan came all the way from Slovenia to participate in the Waikiki shows. Her name was Barbara Vucovic and she was very attractive. Then there was Pat the Delta pilot and his son Ryan and Puppy, our super senior citizen that appeared in 6 of the 8 Waikiki Beach shows.

We didn't have too many animals on the show this season. The exception to this rule is the pig that shows up on Gilad's mat at Ulehawa Beach Park in show #1005. Some local kids were taking it for a walk on a leash.

The 1000 series is a must for the serious collector. The best part is that when you download the 1000 series you get 20 different complete workouts. Have fun with them.
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Rating not rated
Running Time 7 hours  20 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
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