Bodies in Motion - 600 Series - Complete Season (1990)

NR 7 hours  20 minutes
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The 600 series consists of 20 shows all shot on beautiful secluded beaches on Oahu. The bottom line is...when you download the 600 series you get 20 entertaining shows and 20 great workouts!

Season 6 (20 Episodes)


Episode 601

Gilad works the chest at 3 Tables.

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Episode 602

Gilad targets the core at Pupukea.

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Episode 603

Gilad and the gang target your waist at Pupukea.

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Episode 604

Gilad works your shoulders, abs, and outer thighs at Pupukea.

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Episode 605

Gilad works your chest at beautiful Pupukea.

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Episode 606

A double dose of hip and thigh exercises at Pupukea.

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Episode 607

Gilad works your hips and thighs at Pupukea.

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Episode 608

Gilad and Maile the monkey target the upper body.

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Episode 609

Gilad, Paradise cove and Maile the monkey!...

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Episode 610

A Polynesian extravaganza at Paradise Cove!...

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Episode 611

The sun is setting at Paradise Cove. Chest...

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Episode 612

A double dose of hips and thighs at Paradise Cove...

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Episode 613

A spectacular sunset show at Paradise Cove. Shoulders.

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Episode 614

Gilad, big surf at Rock Piles. Waist targeted.

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Episode 615

Dangerous surf at Rock Piles. The ocean puts on a show.

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Episode 616

Big surf, chest and outer thighs at Rock Piles on the North Shore.

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Episode 617

Big waves, wipe outs and shaping your buns at Rock Piles.

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Episode 618

Gilad, big surf, chest, shoulders and a horse.

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Episode 619

Rock Piles, big surf, chest and buns with Gilad...

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Episode 620

Big dark clouds at Rock Piles. Hips, thighs, abs, aerobics.

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Season Details

Synopsis The 600 series consists of 20 shows all shot on beautiful secluded beaches on Oahu. The good news is you get 20 different workouts in this series.

The 600 series debuted in 1990. The locations included Paradise Cove, Pupukea Beach which is located right next to Waimea Bay on the famous North Shore of Oahu, and Rock Piles Beach where you can see the Banzai Pipeline in the background... also on the North Shore of Oahu.

This season's workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Felicia, Gail, Molly, a new Sherry and Naki who was with the show for only one season. We also had a lot of extras on the Paradise Cove shows. Entertainers like cousin O'Brien and the Paradise Cove Luau Polynesian percussion band. We also had many Paradise Cove Luau show dancers from talented young children to hula dancers in coconut bras and Polynesian men including an impressive fire knife dancer.

We didn't have a lot of animals on the show this year but we did have one outstanding one! Maile the monkey, one of our all time favorites, was in 3 of the Paradise Cove shows. She ran roughshod all over Gilad during the floor work segments. The funniest part was when she kept sticking her fuzzy tail in his mouth while he was trying to talk.

You will see Gilad as a storyteller, a sleazy garlic salesman, a track star, a warehouse worker, the Godfather, a doctor, a cowboy, a gas station attendant, Einstein, a psychologist and Rambo. (He does a great Rambo.)

The bottom line is... when you download the 600 series you get 20 entertaining shows and 20 great workouts!
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Rating not rated
Running Time 7 hours  20 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
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