30 Minute Low Impact Workout With Gilad

30 mins 1997
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5 | 43 ratings

A 30 minute low impact workout designed to give you a good cardiovascular workout without putting stress on your joints.

Gilad, Ada, Ora

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Workout Details
Synopsis This is one of Gilad's first ever home videos. It features his mother, Ora and sister, Ada as well as Mette and Ed. This is a beginners low impact workout designed to give you some good cardiovascular exercise without endangering your joints. It was shot on Kaanapali Beach on the island of Maui.
Athletes Gilad, Ada, Ora, Mette, Ed
Director Rob Hearn
Writer Gilad Janklowicz
Studio Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Rating not rated
Runtime 30 mins
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 640x480