Bodies in Motion - 500 Series - Complete Season
Gilad Productions, Ltd.
(c) 1989 Gilad Productions, Ltd
Released: 1989
Run Time: 931:00
File Size: 10.74 GB
Format: Fullframe
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  • The 500 series consists of 38 shows. Originally there were 45 but the last 7 shows were shot on a very rainy day in the mud. Believe me, you aren't missing anything. The reason there are so many shows is because we had LA Gear as a sponsor this year and part of the deal had Gilad wearing an LA Gear shirt throughout the workout. We needed enough shows to air that were branded as only 'Bodies In Motion'. The good news is you get 38 different workouts.

    The 500 series debuted in 1989. The Oahu locations included Paradise Cove, Kahe Point Beach Park on Maile Cove and 1000 feet above the Waimanalo coast on the Makapu'u Cliffs. We also traveled to the island of Kauai and shot 2 days on Kalapaki Beach on the grounds of the Westin Kauai Resort. The Westin Kauai changed hands and is now the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club.

    By this time we had developed a core team of exercisers. Gilad, Gilad's mother Ora, Trella, Kent, Tracey, Felicia, Steven and Gail. We also had a lot of other regulars this year such as Holly, Molly, Kelly, Clay, Leanne, Keith and Eddie.

    We saw lots of talented animals this year, many of them residents at the Westin Kauai Resort. Fred the cockatoo was the bird on the cop show 'Baretta'. Fred was a real show off. We had Lola the parrot, Chico the macaw and Pablo the parrot that sang "I left My Heart In San Francisco"! Awesome! We see horse pulled carriages, crazy geese and even a pig.

    You will see Gilad as a warehouse worker, a police detective, a mechanic, a teacher, a cowboy, the Godfather, a German scientist, a doctor and Rambo. (Gilad does a great Rambo.)

    The bottom line is...when you download the 500 series you get 38 great shows and 38 great workouts!
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    About Bodies in Motion
    Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world's most popular fitness personalities. As a pioneer in the fitness industry he has helped millions to stay fit with his popular TV fitness show Bodies in Motion.

    Filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Bodies in Motion is a half-hour aerobic and toning workout show which launched in 1983.
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