Bodies in Motion - 200 Series - Complete Season
Gilad Productions, Ltd.
(c) 1986 Gilad Productions, Ltd.
Released: 1986
Run Time: 728:30
File Size: 8.01 GB
Format: Fullframe
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  • These shows have not been on the air in over 10 years. But now Gilad is making them available to you once again. This series is a must for the serious collector and dedicated follower. Remember, this is the only place where these shows are available.

    The 200 series debuted in 1986 and consists of 31 episodes. That's 31 different workouts. There is one for every day of the month.

    There are plenty of beautiful settings. The locations include 2 small secluded un-named beaches on the North Shore of Oahu close to Waimea Bay. We also shot at a North Shore ocean-front private home. There was another secluded beach near Turtle Bay on Oahu and 2 different locations on the grounds of the Kona Surf Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will see beautiful women, rugged lava rock ocean-front cliffs, palm trees and other lush tropical foliage, silhouettes over sparkling waters and exotically beautiful beaches. If you have been watching the show for the last 26 years you know that it is a tour of the most beautiful spots in Hawaiian Islands.

    The people on the show are every bit as interesting as the settings. Gilad's sister Ada was a regular this season. In 2 years (1988) she would be moving on to her own show, 'Basic Training the Workout' also produced by Gilad. In addition to Gilad, Gilad's mother Ora and his sister, you will meet Sherry Bush, a model, actress and aerobics instructor, Tammyra Powers, a University of Hawaii Rainbow Dancer and John Watchahowski, a student in Virginia going for his masters in Physical Education. And, as always, Gilad has a few conversations with his crazy old friend Henry (played by show's director, Rob Hearn).

    You will meet Peaches, the bored cockatoo, and various other exotic birds. There is horseback riding, ships and boats and 3 kid's shows, including the famous 'Muscle Face' show. Gilad appears as a cowboy, a conductor, an interview show host, a sculptor and a judge just to name a few. He even wears his 'Tweety Bird' shirt a couple of times.

    The 200 series is a lot of fun, and best of all, you get 31 complete workouts that you can use at your own convenience. Have fun with it!
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    About Bodies in Motion
    Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world's most popular fitness personalities. As a pioneer in the fitness industry he has helped millions to stay fit with his popular TV fitness show Bodies in Motion.

    Filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Bodies in Motion is a half-hour aerobic and toning workout show which launched in 1983.
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