Bodies in Motion - 1100 Series - Complete Season
Gilad Productions
(c) 1995 Gilad Productions
Released: 1995
Run Time: 460:00
File Size: 5.16 GB
Format: Fullframe
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  • The shows in the 1100 series can still be seen in the United States on FitTV, provided that it is available in your area. Now they are available here for you to download to iTunes on your Mac or PC. You can play them on your iPhone or iPad. There are even devices that will allow you to play them on your television. Remember, this is the only place you can download these shows.

    The 1100 series debuted in 1995 and consists of 21 episodes. That's 21 different workouts. You will never be bored.

    We shot in two different locations this season. The first 5 shows were shot in Jerusalem. If you have never seen these shows you have to download them. The location is directly in front of Mount Zion, King David's tomb and the building where the last supper was held. Off to the right barely visible is the Dead Sea. The next series of shows we refer to as our beach party shows on Ala Moana Beach with a live band. Then there is a final series of shows in a slightly different location on Ala Moana Beach.

    There are more interesting people in this season's shows. In the Jerusalem shows the only other exerciser you will recognize is Gilad's mother Ora. The rest are fitness professionals from Israel that trained with Gilad for the show. Also in these shows is an incredibly interesting Middle East band called the Gibberish Group. There is also a traditional exotic dancer and a couple of nomads with their camel off to the side. At Ala Moana Beach Gilad is joined by Jack and Elaine LaLanne for 3 shows. There is also a live band called the Pagan Babies and exercise regulars Wendee, Bill, Tracey, Kent, Lian and Felicia who is 3 months pregnant. We had a hula dancer with the Pagan Babies. There is an on-set visit by Tracey's baby boy and if you look real can see Gilad's father Harold exercising knee deep in the ocean.

    This season you will see a camel and a lot of macaws. One of the macaws is named Ku'uipo which means sweetheart in Hawaiian.

    The 1100 series is like one big party. Live bands, dancers and 21 complete fun workouts.
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    About Bodies in Motion
    Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world's most popular fitness personalities. As a pioneer in the fitness industry he has helped millions to stay fit with his popular TV fitness show Bodies in Motion.

    Filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Bodies in Motion is a half-hour aerobic and toning workout show which launched in 1983.
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