1. After completing your purchase using our website your purchase feed will "automagically" be registered within the podcast section of iTunes. In certain circumstances you may need to subscribe manually.

    The following instructions illustrate downloading your purchases using iTunes. These instructions are extremely helpful after making your first purchase, or after making a purchase that includes more than one item.

    With the iTunes application open click the Podcasts icon located in the left column to list your podcasts feeds. (see image below for reference)

  2. If after clicking on Podcasts, you see the a thumbnail image like below, you will need to to switch to list view. (see image below for reference)

  3. Ensure you are NOT in Grid or Cover Flow views, if necessary switch to List view by clicking the List view icon. (see image below for reference)

  4. Once in List view, locate "Bodies in Motion Video Download Purchases..." Click the toggle arrow so that it points downward listing your purchases. (see image below for reference)

  5. By pressing the toggle arrow, you can view your entire list of purchases. From here you can then download any of your remaining purchases by pressing the "get" button that corresponds to that title. (see image below for reference)

  6. If all your purchases are not listed, you may need to refresh your feed by pressing the "refresh" button located in the lower right hand corner of iTunes. (see image below for reference)

  7. If you require further assistance or have any problems, please contact customer service.
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